How do you charge for skip hire?

Your skip hire price is calculated based on the size of the skip you require, the nature of the contents, and your location.

What does the price of skip hire include?

We will advise you on the size and type of skip you require. We will deliver your skip when you are ready for it and when you have notified us that your skip is full (or after the allocated hire period) or that you have finished with your skip, we will collect it and reuse, recycle or recover the contents.

Do you recycle the contents of the skip?

We reuse and recycle as much as possible. The remaining waste is recovered and energy is extracted from the non-recyclable waste by processing it as a fuel for the cement industry. We will avoid sending waste in your skip to landfill wherever possible. Visit the 'Recycling Services' section of our website to see our Materials Recycling Facility where the contents of your skip will be processed and also to see where materials go once they leave our site.

What can i put in the skip?

Bricks, hard core, rubble, soil (that isn’t contaminated), domestic waste such as packaging, furniture, furnishings, fixtures and non electrical fittings, wood, metal and plastic.

What can't i put in the skip?

For legal reasons, there are materials that we are unable to take away in a skip. These include: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (including fridges, microwaves, hairdryers, radios, TVs, computers, kettles and toasters), gas bottles, chemicals and solvents, batteries, clinical waste (such as syringes, soiled dressings, medicine bottles), liquids (such as oil), tyres and asbestos.

Can I put Plasterboard In The Skip?

We can accept plasterboard, but it MUST NOT be mixed with any other type of waste. A separate Skip/RollOn will be provided for plasterboard only. Failure to keep plasterboard separate from other waste will result in a contamination fee.

How much waste can i put In the skip?

The skip should be filled no higher than the height of the sides and should be loaded level in order for us to be able to transport the skip safely to our Materials Recycling Facility or transfer station. Our drivers have a legal requirement to adhere to this protocol and so will refuse to lift a skip if it is overfilled.

How long can i keep the skip for?

4yrd - 12yrd skips can be kept for 7 days, any longer will be require a rental charge. 20yrd - 40yrd rollons can be kept for 7 days also, any longer will require a rental charge.

How do i arrange for the skip to be emptied?

When you are ready to have your skip collected or exchanged, just give us a call on 028 4484 2248 | 028 9081 2614 or email us and we will arrange it.